Step 1: Symptoms Checklist/Hormone & Medication Use

To begin, we kindly ask you to complete our Symptoms Checklist along with your Hormone & Medication Use. The checklist can identify symptoms of hormone imbalance and help us select the most appropriate ZRT test profile for you.

Step 2: Initial Assessment

Once we receive your completed symptoms checklist and hormone/medication use our team will review your information and reach out to you to schedule a quick initial assessment to determine the best-suited test kit for your individual need.

Step3: Test Kit

Once your kit is selected, bring it home and follow the instructions provided or click through this link to
watch videos on how to collect your sample. After everything is completed, do not seal the shipping pouch, bring the kit back to us for verification of the form. We will take care of shipping it to the lab.

Step 4: Test Results

We will receive notification of your results and will follow up with you to book a 1 hour consultation with our licensed Naturopath Bruce Sweeney to review the results and provide a personalized recommendation. Your test results will provide valuable insights into your hormone levels and potential implications for your health.

The Recommendation Plan will include multiple  factors such as:

• Supplementation
• Nutrition/dietary recommendations
• Physical activity/exercise for your type
• Sleep/stress/mental health
• Environmental/beauty products/cleaning product
• When to talk to you doctor/questions to ask
• Medication interaction

Each of these help balance or cause imbalance to the endocrine system, so understanding the disruptors paired with custom recommendations for your particular need is key to happy hormone health!

You also have the option to review your results with your physician directly. Recommendations will vary. Our prescribed recommendations will be lifestyle and holistic, our practitioner will recommend you to meet with your physician if they feel a need for further prescribed therapies such as HRT or other medications.

Why Choose ZRT Laboratory?

  • Flexibility & convenience
  • Accuracy
  • Comprehensive test reports
  • Advancing the science of testing

Symptoms & Medication Usage:

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